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Wherein I post something!

I make no allowances for myself being accurate; considering I have no brain at this time in the morning (unless I... do, but right now that's not true).

(10:00:33 AM) tennoarashi: Anyways, have you heard about the recent Olympic tension risings?
(10:01:31 AM) animate_corpse: The protests and everything relating to the flame by extension China's treatment of Tibet?
(10:01:59 AM) tennoarashi: Yeah. It's become insane, in terms of the protesters at this point have begun engaging in acts that do not help anything.
(10:02:14 AM) tennoarashi: One bystander waiting by the Seine for the torch to pass found himself involved in the scuffle for the torch. He recounted his experience on popular Chinese-language forum Tianya.

"The brave girl lowered her head and used her back to shield the torch. The thug pulled her shoulder back and hit her... Tears rained out of my eyes. I was sad and angry. Here was an unarmed girl who was handicapped, and the thug had to hit her?"
(10:03:35 AM) animate_corpse: Oh c'mon, clearly brutalizing a woman indicates just how incensed this man about China's actions. He's so furious he's taken leave of his very senses.
(10:04:30 AM) animate_corpse: Sorry, I've just been watching a bit too much of the news in relation to this, and it seems like for every person who is geniunely concerned, there's 3 posers, and at least a half-dozen guys looking to pick a fight.
(10:04:37 AM) tennoarashi: Exactly!
(10:05:19 AM) tennoarashi: The Chinese people have an absolute right to protest this sort of vindictive racism being thrown at them. We have NO moral upperground. Protesting like that leads only to disaster.
(10:06:01 AM) tennoarashi: These are people. We can't keep yelling and noting that they're brainwashed mongers. We all are. And we all have to do our part to open dialogue so we can grow and learn frome ach other together.
(10:09:29 AM) tennoarashi: No wonder we're so ignorant to things like sensitivity. Look at the top 5 most sared news stories on the BBC. THE BBC. The SMART one.

* Pong in the air is 'Euro-whiff'
* Drunk Russian sleeps off knifing
* There may be trouble ahead
* Chaos at polygamy custody hearing
* Citigroup sees second giant loss

(10:10:26 AM) animate_corpse: *shakes head* This is foolishness abound. I mean, protesting the Olympics? That's not even treating the symptom relative to the disease. It just like "This is the only thing we can use right now to feel morally superior."
You wanna protest China's treatment, then protest. Don't attack something else and claim it's justified.
There may be trouble ahead? In relation to what?
(10:11:44 AM) tennoarashi: It's so idiotic. It's as though - and they are - people are protesting China's existence. If that's njot horrifying, I don't know what is.

I'm just reading that. It's about a law that could basically force any psychic/paranomal practionor to justify their means and system, etc. or they could be fined.
(10:12:30 AM) tennoarashi: 'Prove your beliefs!' more or less.
(10:14:55 AM) animate_corpse: It's stupid is what it is. And no wonder they're getting so many violent participants. It's so unfocussed it's guaranteed to get negative followers.
Eeeeagh... understandable to a point. Wouldn't want the consumer getting scammed. At the same time, some of that is really hard to prove outside of the respective situations.
(10:15:52 AM) tennoarashi: Under the same token, wouldn't Churches have to justify their beliefs in order to recieve donations without it being stealing?
(10:16:13 AM) tennoarashi: That's my problem with it. I don't doubt thier are schemers. Obviously, there are.
(10:17:41 AM) animate_corpse: Well, in that respect, it's asking for donations. Anyone can do that. It's just far less likely that they'll suceed, while religions have the cemented base at this point. Though, I do get what you mean.
It's a sticky situation really, especially given that it further advances the "scientific proof as final state" mentality.
(10:19:05 AM) tennoarashi: As well as being totally endemic to what the government can actually do. We can't stop those corporations who are using sweat shops, but damn we can't stop those lying psychics!
(10:21:10 AM) animate_corpse: Of course. It's pretty much cemented that such people are con artists anyway, so why not make a law? Forget the corporates, they pay the bills. Forget the legally purchaseable drugs that actually reduce population numbers. Hell, forget the con artists who are actually con artists. We'll attack the component no one'll believe anyway.
(10:22:01 AM) tennoarashi: I'm posting this on Livejournal. That's it. I think this conversation deserves it now.
(10:23:07 AM) animate_corpse: *chuckles* Nice to see my presence as debator is appreciated.

And to end this off -

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