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Just a quick one.

Nothing really to write home about right now; the weather is warmer and I've been enjoying it! That along with eating up as much as I can about Warriors Orochi: Rebirth of the Demon Lord (the sequel to the first Warriors Orochi) which has absolutely amazing brought back one of my favourite characters, Nu Wa, the goddess who created humanity from clay. So I've been re-acquainted with Koei Warriors (which I left because I was relatively sick of the hyper-DW6-apologists, and that's cooled down).

More importantly, with every terrible horrible record of terror in Tibet, there tends to be a more uplifting factor that pops in. I would write more about this situation, but I think anyone who knows me well enough can surmise my stance on this. And if not, here's a part of it that I'll re-iterate for an eternity - What the Chinese government is doing is oppressive. But the solution is not to demonize the Chinese.

Please remember that in the protests, 5 Chinese women were burned alive having been locked in a store in Lhasa. This isn't to say what the Tibetans are standing up for is wrong. It's and example to say that when people are oppressed, we all suffer.
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