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I implore you to read this incredibly touching entry focusing on a person's search for and interaction with homosexuality in Tibet. I believe it repeats itself a few times, but once that's gotten around it's lovely. More than just being touching, it's incredibly well written and avoids the (what I feel to be) unfortunate choice of using markteing-styled-diction & a laissez-faire attitude which this entry uses.

Said second entry is coded in a much more typically Western-gay-subculture way, which is important so that young gay men who actiely participate in said subculture (Lesbians and women of minority sexualities get nothing, because queer women don't exist apparently) can be communicated to in a compelling way. From reading it, however - I didn't get a strong sense that the writer was actively compelled (or wished to communicate) to do something about the Tibetan disasters.

However, both are beneficial for understanding the bigger issue of homosexuality and homoamourusness in Tibet. Anyways, read at least the first one. Only then will moologie's previous question be answered!

EDIT: See what I mean?

...According to a local lesbian, there are no dyke bars, and girls will rarely go to Blue Sky bar. “We meet each other through friends, or normal bars, or through the Internet,” says 30-year-old Lhundrop. - DianWei.Org
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