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I have been planning to answer moologie's qeustion posed in this post - PS If you haven't posted a question or anything, please do so (it doesn't have to be meaningful or 'deep' or the like so really just ask anything - anything) - but my stomach is full of tea and I'm kind of focusing on the Persona 4 trailer so that will come later. I'm a relatively huge fan of Persona 3, which was an extremely well-executed RPG - it recognized the key facet that a plot only matters when your characters matter to the viewer, and in this regard is suceeded wonderfully.

Thoughts attributed to the trailer and the game?

- The protagonist (henceforth called MC because he's a silent namable kind of guy) impresses me much much more than the P3 MC (center), who - and I really have to disagree with many Western-socialized fans here - looks so Emo-coded it's hilarious. One has to recognize that within Japanese cultural coding, 'Cool' is akin to 'Alright-to-well-dressed Emokid' here. But before I trial on, I'll maintain that the new protagonist is great (bar his character art, but that's barely notable since I've been of the mind that all the initial design work sucked). He's no Mitsuru, but he'll do.

- I'm a fan of the palette being based around yellow. I don't really get the colour hate for yellow (I ask you not to let me begin on the apparent relationship with favourite colours, racism, and religious coding). I like the palette, and I love the art director.

- The character designs in general are nothing to write home about thus far. P3 gave me opposite reactions concerning it's cast; I adored the supporting cast but abhored the protagonist. It isn't as strong a reaction; but essentially the opposite - I adore the MC, but the other party members leave me 'Eh...' thus far. Relatively typical; cool-outgoing-joker guy, typical classical Japanese cool beauty, tomboy-girl-since-she's-in-the-country-town, scruff Uncle, Bleached Bad Boy, Slightly-Uke-ish-With-Hat, etc. Granted, P3 wasn't that much more in terms of breaking mold, but they were archetypes I liked damnit (Oscar Francois De Jarjeyes-type kicks Kung-Fu-Sports-Girl-Type, in my mind).

One factor that kicked my head though, was the fact that I found that the clothing design was far less typical and typal than the designs in P3; whereas the body types and hair are more so. That being said, it's Persona - the same team created an excellent cast in the last game; they deserve my faith.

- The music is still phenomenal. I'm so happy they racked my brain for the kind of music I enjoy, to be completley self-involved.

- The animated character designs (and the animation in general) is much smoother and refined in a 'What's good anime' context. More so; the character art and the animation designs bare a strong resemblance in terms of palette. That's pretty important.

- The menu interface is as slick and impressive as ever. It's one exceptionally important factor that most RPGs just forget about and leave be. If you have a menu that you enjoy looking it, it feels much less like work.

Anyways, yes.
There we go.
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