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Praying to Treasure Hunter Goddess means MONEY?!

Quite a few people at work have been complimenting/asking/are interested in the Goddess altar (Editor's Note - See last entry!). One awesome older man asked me how I communicate with the gods, or open a direct channel to them to 'have conversations' more or less. It was actually kind of a difficult question to answer; I didn't really know how to respond. Eventually I explained that most of the Goddesses I worship tend to be focused on enlightenment, emotional growth, intellectual growth, communication.... thought they sort of "rule" everything.

I realized that it was difficult for me to answer this question because I realized that my morality and religious and spiritual sides are interconnected in a way that basically says that as long as I try my best to not do harm, to help, to better myself and others for the intent of keeping people happy... then I'm doing well. And the other realization-type bit, which isn't really a realization but a reminder, was the fact that (as primarily Hindu) my worshipped deities exist all around and inside of everything. They're all seeing, all knowing, and non-judgemental.

I say puja (prayer) every morning, more for myself and to solidify and remind what I hope for each day. But that's more for me than them; and it's almost like.... tradition; customs one does before getting into the good stuff. Really, they're around every day. And I take comfort in their existence, rather than fear them.

Does that make sense?
Perhaps not, but it's rather strange to articulate. They exist in a way that the human mind will never be able to achieve unless one achieves spiritual enlightenment. And if we don't, that's alright too.
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