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On another note...

Before stopping in at Catherine's yesterday, I got this. And I am so happy I made such an impulse purchase; I've wanted this since I was about 19. Just having it here, looking at it reminds me of such kindness and universal connection. Plus, it's so bloody pretty.

It's not the best photo, but open it looks like this. Plus, it's portable and I can bring this with me when I go to work or otherwise. Right now; it is open to White Tara. .. and I just changed it to Vasudhara. Rather that follow intuitively which deity I should have it open to, I want to focus on each with a relatively equal amount of time. ...I know. I don't believe I'll follow through either. xD I'm slightly worried about me keeping a weight on the front; since you can see it folds downward - it needs a weight to keep the page from rising up. I hope I'm not doing it any damage thus.

My bag today was full, with this, lunch and another recent book - The Story of Tibet, a recent book published that focuses on conversations with the Dalai Lama and creating a relatively easy-to-understand historical record of Tibet (so that anyone seeing that China claiming 'Tibet's always been a part of us' is absolute bulldung). The Dalai Lama is a very well-spoken man with an amazing sense of humor; full of wonder and such strange observations that are hilarious (he seems to think so as well). Plus I always feel special (tee-hee like I ate some cake), in that is given Lama title is Tenzin Gyatso (Gyatso is the title given, Tenzin his monk name AKA pseudonym) and he was born July 6th. Anyway...

Oh, Catherine - My Mum was wondering what resume clinic you were attending; since she was like 'If it's not good, I can get her into another' or the like.

And now, I'm going to share this. An entry by Ragnell, a fabulous writer, who has accurately captured the horror of Alzheimer victim's loved ones in a single sentence.

Alzheimer's is scarier than death.

Please, just take the time to read, donate or spread the word. Thank you.
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