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No need to crack.

Firstly - I am going to bring this entry to attention; since I would like to use it as a reference entry for when I have LJer's block and need something to write about in detail. I am going to write about what ouiji_ark suggested, but I'd still like more. Any topic at all, ask away. It would help me more than you I gather, but it will help us all in... some way.

Otherwise, just bringing up the fact that... Well, it's interesting. Looking at renderings of deities and art in general tends to potentially reveal alot of that artist's choices and preferences. This thought was spurred on by a painting of White Tara I saw. And that has to be the whitest looking White Tara I've ever seen. Certainly, that artist is completley unaware and (I'll take a leap) I will assume they believe in colourblindness when it comes to race. Mostly because again, here is an example of depiticing;

- a goddess
- We're coded to believe goddesses are beautiful since 'girls are just prettier than boys'
- this is a depection of beauty

So... yes. Racial coding in various deities.
It's like seeing various renditions of Saraswati by artists who work in various styles. Not only is it lovely, it's revealing the inner truths of the artist's socialization.
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